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South By BeerSphere

As SouthBySouthWest approaches, promising tantalizing glimpses of what will be cool in technology and music many months from now and the possibility that the next twitter or foursquare will be launched, probably via twitter and foursquare, my thoughts turn to the real reason people fly thousands of miles to Texas: beer with friends, old and new. 

As he did last year, Andy has taken the ethos of Beersphere and run with it, leaving me only to say: yes please let's do that!

 I met some very good friends at South By BeerSphere last year, I can only hope to see some and meet a few more this year. 

Rock ON. 

WHEN: Sunday march 14th, 4-7pm

WHERE: club deville

WHAT:  beer, good people.

WHO:  you

Note that it’s an informal gathering, no open bar. 

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UPDATE: Beersphere has joined forces with TownHoller: the meeting of mayors foursquare pub crawl - which will now begin at BeerSphere and then start it's wayward way around Austin at 6pm.

Facebook for TownHoller

TownHoller Tumblr