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Steve Jobs Steals

Thanks to Heather I came across this video on twitter, and goodness does it make me happy.

I'm putting together some words at the moment, in some longer format about what TIGS is all about - how culture is inherently recombinant and iterative: it builds endlessly on and from what came before, creating novelty in new combinations. How the most awesome stuff comes from the broadest set of sources and inspiration. 

Fundamentally, I do not believe creativity can come from nothing. In fact, I don't even think 'originality' can even mean that. 

If something truly had no referent elsewhere in culture - how would we even understand it? 

Everything is inspired, everything comes from somewhere - it may not directly quote, or reference, but everything is recombinant at some level. 

And Steve agrees. 

[HT @howlvenice, and @zee]