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Technology is a Medium

A while back I gave a talk at the AdClub 

[which was held at PWC's office in new York, because they couldn't secure space from an advertising agency, which made me sad - shame on us] 

and before it I gave this microinterview, which I've just seen has been posted. 

So here it is. It's my first ever vlog post. Exciting! 

[Disclaimer - the first bit is no longer true as I no longer do that job. I guess it was true then, but you get what I mean]. 

In it I say a bunch of things that I hope you will find briefly interesting, including how exciting gestural interfaces are, what awesome things banners could become and how everything should be a bit more like a game.

Then I say that I think technology should be considered a medium, because I think it should - it's what we do with it that makes it awesome, not what it is.