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The Marketing Society in the UK is an organisation of client marketers 

[I've always wondered about the pronunciation of the word marketers - I hear it said like Musketeers but that seems...odd to my ears]

that looks to drive bolder, more effective, marketing ideas and strategies. 

They have asked me to contribute to their digital thinking blog every now and again so to kick it off I thought I'd write an update to my 9 digital aphorisms for 09, with ten digital behaviors for the new decade. 

Here's a sample:

Digital is not a channel. It’s a suite of platforms, channels and tactics that will, ultimately subsume its parents entirely.

Digital marketing is not simply a new place to disperse persuasive symbols, but the emergence of any entirely new behavioural grammar, as companies and their customer begin to engage with each other in entirely new ways in entirely new spaces, where everyone has an equal voice.

The decaplet of digitally determined marketing maneuvers include some old favorites, like earning attention and getting rid of the viral metaphor, and some newer ones, like ideas that create content and the spreadability of awe.

You can read them over at The Marketing Society Blog - let me know what you think.