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Remember Who You Are

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Over on Gaping Void, Hugh has been hosting a series of guests posts, all anchored to the theme Remember Who You Are.

I was very excited when he asked me to be part of it. 

Back, back in the day, Hugh and Russell were out there blogging before most of us really knew that anything was going on, showing us what could be done with the emerging form, helping to define the grammar of the space. 

Back then, I would never have guessed that I would get to be a guest. 

I wrote a thing about advice, stealing from Hamlet and Kurt Cobain [now I come to think of it, they are quite similar characters]:

The important thing to realize is that, eventually, you have to start being you.

And then - you need to get really good at it.

You can read the rest on Gaping Void - thanks Hugh!