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The New Rules of Marketing are There for the Breaking //

This talk by Alex Bogusky, from the Mirren New Business Conference, showcases the philosophy of breaking rules that Crispin adopted, alongside the new rules of marketing they began talking about more than a decade ago. 

A lot of it will by now seem familiar - although it still isn't necessarily being adopted. 

I especially like the idea of forgetting about consistency and going for surprise instead:

"You can have twelve different logos now - people will track with you."

[I suggested a long time ago that, if we accept that media is getting more sophisticated, which is making consumers smarter [see: Everything Bad is Good For You] and that media is no longer scarce, than simplicity is perhaps less useful and interesting than depth and richness.] 

Here is a close up of Crispin's old NEW rules for marketing - we should already be trying to break them.

The Old New Rules of Advertising
He goes on to address some of the new NEW rules we have today.

Are brands stories? Is narrative and myth the key metaphor?

Or - should a brand be thought of as a game?  Is that a more relevent metaphor for today's idea consumer? 

Whatever is conventional wisdom is unlikely to be that interesting.

As Richard once said, perhaps being interesting is more important than being right.

The talk is only live on the site until Friday [May 7th 2010] so catch it while you can, ad fans.

[There are some lovely principles and anecdotes - like the Burger King pitch, where they presented for 3 hours before showing a TV spot, a reflection of how they were looking at the world]