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Gestures of Faith

I wrote a piece about gestural interfaces for the current issue of Media Magazine, where I took magic as the starting point. 

Magic, waving your fingers in the air to change the world, was an attempt to cause action at a distance - something a baby understands is impossible, it's one of the key cause and effect things we first learn. 

It does find its way back to the future though, covering Skinput and Natal and affordances and changing the channel on your TV by waving at it, all of which are neat. 

In an entirely different kind of gesture, I've been invited to be on the FearlessQ&A web show tomorrow [Thursday May 13th] with Alex Bogusky and Miles Nadal: 12pm MST, 2pm EST - you can watch it here and tweet questions and that. 

Because information transmission in near real-time is also a way of causing action at a distance.