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Some Cool Things [My Clio Awards Talk]

Some Cool Things for the Clios from Faris Yakob on Vimeo.

Here are the cool things I spoke about at the Clio Awards, in a handy 7 minute film for your delectation.

Everything here is used without permission - if the permission is yours to give and this makes you sad, you can let me know and I will remove it and that.

Here are links to the cool things: 

1. Luke and Zach Go Boating Present: Quick Fixe [Projection Mapping Party Flyer] 

2. Iron Man vs AC/DC

3. The Google Job Search

[Bonus: Digital Prolixity my brother's blog - see film for details]

4. The Johnny Cash Project

5. Star Wars: Uncut

6. Towel Folding Robot

7. Lucyphone

8. Neurosonics

9. Neurosonics Live