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The World's Most Engaging Brands Are...

Most Engaging Brands

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Hall and Partners are rolling out their new Engager Brand Engagement Measurement model at a talk tonight that I'm also speaking at. 

[The model uses, or at least alludes to, my transmedia planning thing a bit, which may, or may not, be why.]

[You'll be pleased to know I've done some digging and found out that the Engager font is...creampuff. You're welcome.] 

One of the things I like about this model - [you can read about it in detail here] - is that it ties softer brand type intermediate measures to profit margins. 

This is a good idea - it's baffling to me how often I see shifts in intermediate measures as business objectives. 

[Business = money. Simple as that. 

If if doesn't save, or make, money it's not a business objective

Anything else is an intermediate measure, based on some assumed model of how some kind of process works....

like if more people email me maybe I will sell them more stuff, or if loads of people like the films we put on in between programs, and remember them and that, maybe they will buy more of my stuff later, or more frequently.

Or, at its most basic, if people have heard of my brand, maybe they will pay more for it.

But don't forget this is a model. 

Ultimately, it depends on what you believe and how you then decide measure that. 

The simplest ROI model - looking at say cost of production, media and fees for an advertising campaign for a CPG brand

[I know I know it's an antiquated concept but for simplicity's sake stay with me]

- and then measuring the incremental sales attributable to that campaign, assuming some kind of Adstock like decay rate, using multivariate regression analysis to attempt to untangle solus effect of the advertising, is actually far from simple. 

And it tends not to show wholly positive results in a lot of cases, especially with mature brands that have all the awareness they could possibly need.

But then you get things like intangible asset value and goodwill, which also have commercial value on balance sheets [but only when sold], and price elasticity of demand, both of which seem to be sensitive to mass media communications

This is why I usually laugh when someone says to me - "but we can show that TV works!".

What I've loved historically about H&P's measurement is that the model for how this thing is supposed to work was always very clear.]

I think the event was invite only so if you are going you will probably already know - in which case do come say hi! 

The geek in me cannot resist ending this with a slight move of my fingers, while I say: Engage!