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#LastMinuteMicroBeerSphere (San Francisco)

Beersphere SF
Oh wait this isn't Twitter. 


[Oh I can't help myself. I thought I could but I can't. I'm writing this on the plane to SF right now. 

And yes it is still exciting to be online and up in the sky. Like all delicacies this delight will fade as soon as it becomes commonplace but for now I'm just going to enjoy it.]

But still - in the twitterish spirit of real time impulsive outbursts and spontaneous congregation [and drinking] facilitated by these our very INTER of webs, I'm suggesting that, since I'm going to be in SF today [Friday June 4th Year 2000 and 10] and that I'm [probably] meeting the ever elusive Gareth Kay, that I would invite you as well, if you were about and fancied a beer.

The reason I say [probably] is that it has been predicted [by me in this post, due to his ever-elusiveness] that if I actually meet Gareth the universe will explode. 

So consider yourself warned [although, due to the nature of the universe being, well, everything, it won't matter where you are and so you might as well come for a beer]. 

All of which is pointless preamble to some time, space and beer coordinates I shall now dispense:

Friday June 4th 2010 oh say from 5.30ish. [Happy hour is until 7.30 apparently. Let's hope the emotions are more faithful than the timekeeping] 

Bar 15 Romolo

San Francisco.

See you there, should you come.