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Soka Afrika

Soka Afrika - Trailer 1 from Masnomis on Vimeo.

My mate Sam [and some other people - it takes a village to make a film,no doubt] has made a film about football [the one that's also known as soccer and that is having a World Cup soon] in Africa [where I'm told the World Cup is going to be held]. 

And, frankly, it looks awesome, even to me and I have absolutely no interest in football. 

But it's about more than that - it's about hope, and exploitation, and fame, and Africa, and lots of juicy human stuff:

Soka Afrika is a feature length documentary film celebrating African football in the run up to World Cup 2010. Following the different paths of aspiring young African players from South Africa, Ivory Coast, Egypt and Cameroon, Soka Afrika explores the power of football to influence Africa for better or worse. 

The trailer is above - you can watch a longer edit on the website.

Because it is a thoroughly modern movie making enterprise, you can follow it on twitter and tumblr and facebook - the final film will be ready in a couple of weeks.

Whilst I don't care about football [I know I should - it's culturally very important, and culture is important, and so on - but I'm not] I am fascinated by the passion it engenders, which this movie seems to tap into, bringing together some very personal stories into a picture of how culture can shape, and be shaped, by context and conquest.