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Alacrity is the Key [Low Latency Advertising]

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Plenty has been written praising and analyzing the awesomeness that was the Old Spice Man Twitter Responses campaign.

Whilst I don't intend to add much, I did want to say that this is exactly what the kind of idea I think low latency advertising smells like, responding to the diminished cultural latency things like Twitter are triggering.

Fortunately, the lovely people at Cake have already pointed this out.

Alacrity is the key here - being able not just to move fast, but to respond fast. 

Additionally, a couple of other points of note:

the fact that this campaign lasted ONE DAY [ish] suggests how diminished latency polarizes the idea of campaigns: go long [a year long platform like Pepsi Refresh] or explode and vanish like a firework.

Or, actually, some combination of both, ideally.

love that it reverses the polarity of how the industry currently operates - pulling from social into 'television commercials' - but really just using the whole mediascape as a system of inter-operating parts that do different things well, as opposed to simply different places to garner impressions.