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Be Nice: IRL Edition

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I do so enjoy Be Nice.

I did a brand new updated version for PumaCity.

[which was awesome by the way so head down there if you get a chance before the end of the World Cup.]

It starts off by echoing some of the ennui I have been hearing about "social media" - the sudden reticence of social media experts to identify themselves as such, the semantic wear out the term is suffering from over- and misuse.

That's OK. Terms come and go. We used to have web 2.0 and user generated content.

I think I prefer "people doing stuff that creates conversations and relationships online". 

BUT - I think the lesson we all learn, from the need to constantly feed social media without endlessly hawking our brands and ourselves - to constantly communicate as befits an always-on world - is that the best way to create content is to do awesome stuff in the world.

And that's a lesson I'm not bored by.

[P.S. Wondering what Spies & Assassins is? You'll see - shortly.]