Alacrity is the Key [Low Latency Advertising]
Time Shifting Now

Low Latency Customer Response

More low latency advertising that responds rapidly to tweets to or about the brand.

Actually the first one happend before the Old Spice culture hack.

[There's a great comment below:

I'm very amused... I believe 'em... but... the one thing that's preventing me from blogging about your incredible use of social media--- HOW are you finding where these people are located in order to accost them with the wheat thins?]

It didn't happen in near real time but it did respond to tweets and turn the response into a film, or commercial. 

In fact, by that proviso, the Domino's work which re-contacted people from the focus group and tweets with the new flavor of pizza has a similar quality - responding directly to consumer needs using 'advertising' vehicles. 

[Full disclosure CPB client.] 

What I think I like about this is that yes it's again about reversed polarity, but it is specifically addressing customer needs or frustrations in a [metaphorical, advertising] way that had been expressed unsolicited, which is what companies should do in general because customer service is marketing