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EveryWare: The Mobility of the Earth



This morning I gave a talk called "The Mobility of The Earth" at the IAB Mobile Event. 

I thought it went well, it was fun and the tweetback was lovely.

I shall post the deck tomorrow - you can see what you think.

In the meantime, I also announced the launch of this little iPhone app we put together at Spies and Assassins

[Wondering what S&A is still? Maybe you have guessed. More will be revealed shortly, I'm sure.] 

designed especially for the specific context of things like the IAB Mobile Event, or indeed anywhere you meet people and want to connect.

TwitHit is a single use technology - it does one thing.

It grew out of being at lots of events and seeing how people connect, and how that was changing. 

It used to be meet, chat, exchange business cards, then, afterwards, send an awkward email saying HELLO we met earlier. 

At social media events, people just wear badges of their twitter handle, and you just follow them on Twitter. That way you are already 'connected' when you leave the event. 

So TwitHit streamlines that. 

It mashes the Bump API and the Twitter APIs together.

You HIT the phones together and VOILA - you are following each other on Twitter.

You can get it from the App Store - it works with iPad and iPhone [Android version is in development].