Cutting Clippings and Musings on The Same
The Age of Media and Why Phone Calls Are Rude


This is really nice.

[Full Disclosure - my lovely lady works for Cake. It's still really nice though. Hey - make your own mind up.] 

I have always believed that advertising can be a force for good in the world. 

That perhaps what we should focus on doing is making people's lives better. 

Maybe just in little ways. 

Maybe by guiding some of that 400 billion dollars or so that are spent every year around the world into "GOOD THINGS."

Not just because I'm a hippy [sih] but because it's perhaps more likely to embraced and effective.

It makes sense. 

Reciprocal altruism and generosity and understanding what people need or want are in some ways the foundations of any relationship. 

Either way, you earn the fragmented attention that it's no perhaps longer realistic to buy in an infinite media space, and the actions indicate the nature of your point of view as a company and how you choose to behave in the world, and therefore the kinds of customers that give you that attention, because they echo those values, are perhaps therefore likely to perceive some additional, intangible value in your products, based around that alignment, that might help eleviate issues of choice in a parity marketplace, and create price elasticity of demand over time. 

You know, brands and that.