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How Technology is Changing Behavior [IPA]

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Technology is the biggest driver of behavioral change in culture. 

Whilst recessions come and go, people pretty much stay the same - as @debs says "technology changes, humans don't". 

But behaviors do.

As Clay Shirky says:

Behavior is motivation filtered through opportunity.

And new technologies have, across the board, created new opportunities for people to DO things.

The IPA is running a course on November 4th and 5th that examines exactly that:

How technology is changing behaviour (and what you can do about it)

It features some very awesome people to learn from: the Herdmeister, Rory Sutherland, Simon Waldman [from LoveFilm], Neil Morris, Guy Hayward, Steve Hatch and Tom Bazeley to name only a few. 

Even for technophile geeks [like me], its important to remember, as Henry Jenkins has pointed out, that our focus should not solely by on emerging technologies, but the emerging cultural practices that engender or allow.

For we are in the business of behavior. 

[or behaviour.]

Email [email protected] for more information or to book your place.

[UPDATE: There's a good piece on Creativity that echoes some of the above, but much funnier, because Dave Bedwood from LMFM wrote it.] 

[UPDATE: Adam from Naked Down Under has written some excellent thoughts about the primacy of action]