Calling Robot Birds

Painting By Numbers

Andy Warhol made five Paint by Numbers pieces where he painted partially filled in versions of real paint by numbers kits, challenging notions of the distinction between 'art' and 'reproductions'. 

As I mentioned previously, I got very interested in Warhol after being asked to speak about him for a documentary on the BBC.

[Best to be interested if you want to be interesting I guess.] 

The nice people at Dare also seem to be interested, as they asked themselves: if Warhol was alive would he use an iPad?

So they created this app that turns your iPhone into a palette and the iPad into the canvas.

And then made this homage to the 1982 video where Warhol eats a hamburger to promote it.

There are definitely lots of interesting things you can do when thinking about devices together - not as lots of different screens to show the same thing, but as different interoperating parts of a system.