How Technology is Changing Behavior [IPA]
A Net's Tale - Part One

How You Act in the World

The nice people from YMM filmed this mico interview with me rambling on about some stuff that came up after a recent talk I gave at the Carlson School of Management, like how brands are not fixed things to be locked up in temples but rather how you act in the world. 

And that B2B communication is still engaging with people and therefore emotions and social stuff are probably still relevant.

Social might be especially relevant, since enterprise level B2B has always been handled through individual relationships. 

And how games are cool because they hack your brain.

All that sort of thing.

I've been away for a week.

[I see I have a bunch of comments to reply to so I will get on that.]

And then, in what some might consider a break from our regularly scheduled blogramming [or perhaps not] I thought I'd share some of the stuff I saw and was up to in Zambia, with the help of MalariaNoMore and The BushCamp Company