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A Net's Tale - Part Two

Making Digital Work / BDW NYC

Making digital work

At the end of next week [Dec2-3] BDW is hosting a workshop on Making Digital Work, where some of our preeminent philosopher-practioners will share thoughts, observations and tips on navigating the world, and the work, made of ones and zeroes. 

It looks awesome.

I'm also going to be there, alongside the much smarter people, and have been asked to lay down some 'inspiring' thoughts about how strategy might need to evolve in a 'Post Digital Age'.  

This is a slightly dangerous title, considering Iain's recent tirade against the terminology 'post-digital', but regardless I shall attempt to be entertaining or useful.

And not spend TOO much time dissecting terminology.

I've written a few times about how I think strategy needs to formulate itself, pulling business back into the industry, healing the split between media and creative, looking beyond passive audiences and messaging and a reliance on ideas that are, moving towards solution and system architecture, and perhaps ideas that create content.

So I'll probably talk about that sort of thing.

But - if you have any burning desires you'd like me to think about - feel free to drop a thought in the comments.