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This Is Signified

This is Signified

I heart signs.

I suspect because I love words.

[I also enjoy a good rebus].

Words are pictures of sounds.

Images indelibly embedded with meaning.

[You can't NOT 'read' a word if you 'see' it, if you understand the language and the meaning.] 

And signs are pictures of words. 

If you see what I mean. 

But words are also signs, in a different sense.

Signifiers. Of Signifieds.

I'm doing a little project where I post one interesting or weird or whatever I feel like sign every day for a year.

You can follow it over on This Is Signified on Tumblr

Or follow @thisissignified on Twitter and have one sign tweeted to your preferred client every day. 

And if you see a sign you think is awesome - you can submit it to the project on Tumblr