A Net's Tale - Part Two
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We've Been Wrong All Along

Faris Yakob_Strategy for the Post-Digital Age
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This is the deck I presented at Boulder Digital Works NY: Making Digital Work.
It starts from the premise that in order to evolve 'strategy' and 'account planning' for a digital [or postdigital if you like] age, we have to know how it worked before, and, well, we didn't.
Or, more accurately, we kind of did, but a persistent metacognitive error, the same error that causes people to answer market research questions incorrectly with rational explanatory fictions of emotional decisions that function below the level of consciousness, afflicts the advertising industry in much the same way. 
So, even though we know, and all the academic research confirms, that decision making is primarily emotional, and that rational messaging in advertising doesn't really seem to help, we persist in structuring briefs around the core proposition, a model we all derive from Rosser Reeves' model of advertising, which insists communication is primarily about message transmission - which it's not - and that advertising is the same as selling, which it's not.
What do you think? 
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