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Premix: UP

A passing tweet I can no longer find...

[wouldn't it be useful to be able to search just your own stream?

Oh wait, Maybe you can using Tweetstream - anyone used it? Or anything else?]

just notified me of another remix [sub]genre.

This premix samples different earlier movies to create Premakes. 

There's a number of them on the youtubes, including Empire Strike Back, and Ghostbusters

I'm looking forward to the premake of Tron:Legacy... 

BMW Documentaries: Wherever You Want To Go

Today we launched the trailer for "Wherever You Want To Go" - a series of films about the future of mobility, being released under the newly created "BMW Documentaries" banner.

You can watch it in full sized full res widescreen on the site. 

The films examine the topic from different angles, thinking beyond the product - looking at how cities have historically been designed around cars and what cities of the future might be like, what prediction tells us about present concerns, and how technology and mobility are inextricably related. 

We'll be launching one film a week during February - and we'd love to know what you think.

The mini-documentaries feature various awesome thinkers and visionaries including:

  • Buzz Aldrin, retired astronaut
  • Marissa Mayer, VP of location servies at Google
  • Syd Mead, futurist and conceptual designer for Blade Runner
  • Graham Hill, Founder,
  • Robin Chase, Founder, ZipCar
  • George Whitesides, CEO of Virgin Galactic

...with more to come as the films roll out.

The site - - will host discussions around the future of mobility - and each film will come with associated content to explore the topics further.

The films and conversations were inspired as BMW began to plan for the field trial for the ActiveE - their first electric vehicle concept.

The films, conversations, the ActiveE itself, all make up part of BMW's larger focus on collaborating to create the future of mobility.

27 Letters from Getty

A nice chap from Getty sent me this charmingly personalized trend watch list - each letter in my name is linked to a recent trend [click through on the images on the left for the source]. 

It's all drawn from a new service from Getty called 27 Letters: 

which prides itself on identifying the ‘best of the best’ in creative campaigns and trends from around the world.

So go have a look see if you are visual type person.

Remix The Real World

Nick Berkte is better known to the recombinant as Pogo, the Australian slicer and sequencer who created those haunting remixes of classic movies. 

He's taking on a new project - and wants your help, funding each new 'track' with the proceeds from the previous and kicking it all off on Kickstarter - to remix the real world, sampling the sights and sounds of places and people, and blending them into audiovisual bricolage.

He explains all this above - and you can see his first city remix below - and read more about it here.

This is, in some ways, an entirely new form of remix culture, as it is being made not from pre-existing fragments of culture, but audio and visual clips of the world, which are being created exclusively for the '[re]mix'.

'Art' has always been locked in an inextricable relationship with the 'the world' - representing, reflecting -  all the way back to imagination itself, in Locke's formulation, using simple ideas acquired from [perceived in] the real world, like horses and horns, and remixing them into unicorns.

Art not imitating life, but stealing from it