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Remix The Real World

Nick Berkte is better known to the recombinant as Pogo, the Australian slicer and sequencer who created those haunting remixes of classic movies. 

He's taking on a new project - and wants your help, funding each new 'track' with the proceeds from the previous and kicking it all off on Kickstarter - to remix the real world, sampling the sights and sounds of places and people, and blending them into audiovisual bricolage.

He explains all this above - and you can see his first city remix below - and read more about it here.

This is, in some ways, an entirely new form of remix culture, as it is being made not from pre-existing fragments of culture, but audio and visual clips of the world, which are being created exclusively for the '[re]mix'.

'Art' has always been locked in an inextricable relationship with the 'the world' - representing, reflecting -  all the way back to imagination itself, in Locke's formulation, using simple ideas acquired from [perceived in] the real world, like horses and horns, and remixing them into unicorns.

Art not imitating life, but stealing from it