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Punchdrunk NYC: Sleep No More

Punchdrink Sleep No More

My mate Katie invited me to the dress rehersal of Punchdrunk's first NYC show: Sleep No More on Saturday. 

It was completely awesome.

If you are in or near NYC, you should go.

Trust me. 

If you are lucky enough to have been to a Punchdrunk show before - this is the biggest and best I've seen, and I've seen a few.

If you are lucky enough to have never been to a Punchdrunk show before - goodness me you are in for a treat. 

Imagine if a play was turned inside out.

It became an immersive adventure splayed out across a 6 story, beautifully detailed, building, that you explore at your leisure, every member of what we used to call the audience having a different experience, as they stumble across dramatic fragments and piece together what used to be called the plot.

Of Macbeth, in this case, except re-imagined as a film [very] noir in a 1930's hotel.  

You can - and if you are in NYC you really should - get tickets here

Sleep No More - Punchdrunk Doth Murder Sleep.


[Tip: Look out for the candy room - you can grab a handful.]