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BMW EVolve

Today we are very pleased to launch BMW EVolve: a system that lets you track and record your driving habits to help every driver understand if an Electric Vehicle is right for their needs and to help BMW evolve their vision the future of mobility.

The application - live now in the App store for iPhone, available on Android soon - lets you easily track and analyze your driving patterns, and see if you are a good candidate for an EV, based on distance and charging locations and that.

The application was developed with insight and input from the pioneers who have been driving the Mini-E electric vehicles for almost two years. It also features tips sourced directly from them. 

Connect the App to the EV Dashboard on [where those documentaries live] and see what impact driving an EV would have for your life and the world, comparing your data to national averages. 

Different behaviors earn you different badges, as you learn more about how you drive and what the impact of an EV would be.

And the collective engineering data the it creates will be used to continue to develop the next generation of BMW Electric Vehicles. 

In a not entirely coincidental piece of news, the BMW ActiveE, their first electric vehicle, was formally announced this morning.