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Angry Robot

 As I've mentioned before, I like robots

[I have a Roomba. It's awesome.]

This is probably why I enjoyed this spot.

But I especially like the fact that there is an extended version on the 'tube. 

With lasers. 

Shouldn't all ads do that?

Not the lasers bit.

Media space isn't scarce online - so the issues of fitting everything into 30 or 15 seconds simply don't apply.

If I go to the effort of looking your ad up - actively reaching towards the brand in response to broadcast advertising - shouldn't there be some additional reward? 

Doesn't necessarily need to be extended film [with lasers] but something that connects the passive [I saw an ad] to the active [I looked you up] experience in a satisfying way, and rewards the active piece.


Although, if there is a fast food chain where robots make the burgers, I would like to eat there.