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September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month.

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As I've said before, I think using humor to communicate very serious subjects is powerful.

People have a tendency to ignore things that they don't want to think about. 

Not knowing, whilst the opposite of actually helping, feels somehow more comfortable than finding out and knowing for sure.

People often don't go to the doctor when they probably should, people don't tend to be rigorous in prophylactic measures recommended by doctors and so people often cognitively disengage from communication that makes them confront possible unpleasantness they would rather ignore.

These are not rational behaviors but they are very human ones. 

In a recent study, the primary reason people didn't go in to be screened for colon cancer was fear.

Research also suggests that simply making screening top of mind can lead to more people getting tests.

Humour is a very powerful human emotion and driver of behavioral change - using it to overcome fear and avoidance can be a smart strategy to drive awareness of the issue and open up a potentially awkward conversation.

Which leads me to introduce Branko:

Branko | The Prostate Czech

A Man. A Cause. A Finger.

He moves like a heavy Central European fog: dense, mysterious, yet insistent.

It is whispered that he hails from Kladno, a proud Czech Republic city steeped in masculine traditions of steel mills and mining.

Witnesses say he travels light, armed with latex gloves, a tracksuit, and very little patience.

His methods? Unorthodox. His touch? Unforgiving.

So contact your family doctor and get checked before you get checked.  


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[PS - The decision to get prostate screening is a complex and personal one - please check with your doctor - the consensus seems to be that men over 45 or 50 should probably ask about whether screening is right for them.]