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ETA Toronto

ETA Toronto 

Next Friday - October 14th - I'm speaking at the Emerging Technology in Advertising event in Toronto. 

I'm going to talk about the challenges and opportunities that 'technology' forces on the advertising industry, and media more broadly, and then also some of the things we've learned building Spies&Assassins - the creative technology shop - inside an advertising agency. 

In some ways, technology and advertising are seperated by a common language.

People using the word platform, for example, mean very, very different things, depending on whether they are an advertising person or a technology person.

Plus the usual random thoughts and abstruse concepts as, together, we have a conversation about what's going on in our world in all its glorious complexity.

If you are going to be there - or if you're in Toronto - maybe I'll see you?

Say hi if I do.