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How To Make Awesome Case Studies

I had the privilege of being the chairman for the Contact & Content and the Integrated jury for the Clio Awards last year. 

It was awesome.

The Clios have been hosting some cocktails and chats for the industry where previous jurors give some thoughts on what they saw and some tips on how to make better case study videos.

The case study video is a relatively recent advertising form - a function of the increasingly complexity of the media environment and what constitutes advertising or ideas - and it's only really when you sit in a room for 3-5 days and watch hundreds of them that you begin to see the response that different tropes elicit among the award juries and how rapidly some things have become clichés

So, hopefully this will be helpful, should you be looking to make one. 

This is very much a companion piece to / built on the shoulders of Rahul Sabnis' awesome talk on the same topic the week before, which you can see here