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Creative Circus Sydney

Creative Circus

Next week I'm in Sydney doing the opening keynote at teh awesome Creative Circus conference, where I shall be talking about awesomeness and its importance in world driven by consumer controlled media.

I'm also doing a 4-part workshop 'Masterclass', with @RosieSiman, under the Genius Steals banner, where we wil be looking at a structured theory of creativity and ideas and that, trying to evolve the brief and briefing for a complex world, a workshop about running Genius Steals workshops and brainstorms, and how to curate, aggregate and steal ideas like a genius.

Should be big fun. There might even be prizes. 

If you are going to be there, come say hi, and sign up for the 'Masterclass'. If you want. 

I lived in Sydney for a while about 6 years ago - it's insanely beautiful - and I'm excited to be going back.

[I even wrote a very personal rambling guide to Sydney for a travel site which you can read here.] 

I may have a cheeky beersphere like thing on Tuesday 7th March. Or a drink anyway. 

I'll update this post once I know where, in case you fancy popping by. 

[It's looking like Passage bar 8pmish - hit me up on twitter @faris]