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A New [way] Foreword

To launch their new website, The Marketing Society asked me to update my Digital Decaplet piece because it was the most viewed article ever on their old site. 

So I did. Or, more accurately I wrote a new forword to the old piece. 

It gave me an excuse to reflect on this video that I wrote sometime in 2006. 

It starts like this:

It’s slap bang in the middle of 2012.

If we were to think of this decade (the…teens? Did we ever decide on that?) as one year, we are at the bit where we still think it’s the beginning of the year, but pretty much spring – a quarter of the way through, sometime around the end of March.

So, when I was asked to update this piece, I had a look and thought: things are pretty much the same as then, because we are just at the beginning.

That’s one of the benefits of abstract aphorisms; they tend to last longer than tactics in a world that shimmers and moves, faster and faster, to the beat of Moore’s Law.

But this is also an illusion.

Things change faster and more slowly than we expect, and, like watching a child grow, if you are living with them every day you don’t really see the change. It takes a distant aunt who only comes for Christmas to notice and say “ooh, haven’t you grown?”

I was reminded of this when I was watching the video about 2010 you can watch in the cinema.

I wrote it in 2006. It’s set in the near future, which was 2010, but is really now. Or soon.


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