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Planning For Optimism

What is W&K for?

As everyone knows, it's impossible to get an entry level planning job, because they don't exist.

Of course, like everything everyone knows, this isn't really true, but what is true is that planners tend to be the least numerous type in an agency, so there are less jobs in planning in general, and they tend to be hard to get, especially at junior levels. 

A nice person from W&K London emailed me to see if I could let all you people who are planners but aren't planning yet, in other jobs or whatever, know that W&K London is offering a paid 3 month placement program in their planning department. 

You have ONE MONTH to apply, so don't dally. You have to answer 4 questions, the first of which is above.

[It was designed by the W&K receptionist. At W&K, even the receptionist is creative.] 

I really like the question. It's the one I was wrestling with back in this piece What Do Advertising Agencies Do?

As I said then, what I meant is what are they for? There are different ways to think about this. 

Anyway, that's for you to decide.

So, go get the rest of the questions and other details over on Welcome to Optimism, the always excellent W&K London blog, one of the last survivors of the first plannersphere.

Ah, they were good times...

[Beware fake nostalgia for the recent past.

Things were never any better than they are.

So don't worry about it.]