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After 5 lovely years in New York, I recently left the city and my job, sold my furniture and my stake in the agency we started, started an innovation practice, got engaged and went out on the road.

It felt like a good time for me to be flexible. 

This year I will mostly be speaking and consulting and teaching and writing and that. Looking to learn some new things and get nicer and hopefully smarter by travelling and letting it open my eyes. After five years habituation stops me seeing, even in cities as amazing as New York.

I've been doing some fun innovation projects for nice clients under my newly minted GeniusSteals banner, that took me to Brazil and Beijing earlier this year. 

I wrote the first chapter of the upcoming book Digital State, published by Kogan Page, due June 2013. 

Below are a few places I will be speaking in the next few weeks and months. We'll be traveling in between. I'm interested in exploring Asia a bit more after visiting China. I feel culturally ignorant of the region that contains more than half the world's population

[I'm also interested in speaking and meeting nice people over in SEAsia before or after the Sydney gig, so do drop me a line if there's something your putting on that you think I'd be a good fit for. Or if you fancy a beer.]

ADC Hamburg, Germany - May 16th and 17th 

I'm delivering the closing keynote on the first day, and then Rosie and I are speaking about collaboration on the 17th.

IAB Croatia Days of Communiction - May 18th

B&T MadWeek Innovation Day Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney Australia July 15th 

Do come say hello if you will be at any of them and do shout if you'd like to grab a beer while we're on the road.