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Chronesthesia and Bosons

Chronesthesia Genius Steals

Thanks to Neil Perkin / Only Dead Fish, I gave a talk last week at Google UK for a firestarter event.

It was really fun. 

The brief was to be provocative on the topic of Designing For The Future

As I pointed out at the beginning, I'm not a designer. The other two speakers were and were excellent and thought provoking. 

And I'm not from the future - but I do visit it quite a lot. So to speak, or, indeed, so to the talk. 

The framing of which - mental time travel - was the foundation for a talk about the internet of things, and sensors, and ideas, featuring bosons, Dr Who, Monkey Island, the IP enabled Fridge [cast as a kind of depressed genius with no useful functions], disjointed brand experiences, privacy and panopticon media, and various other things.  

I'm developing it into a larger piece, with choreography and music [possibly], for other performances.

Shout if you are interterested in having me come and chat to you, at your place or thing. 

The Scriberia Sketch Notes for Google Firestarters 12 are below. 

Firestarters Scriberia