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BeerSphere is Back!

BeerSphere London

BeerSphere is back! 

What's BeerSphere you ask? 

BeerSphere was a thing we used to do, where people who mostly hung out with each other online on blogs and that, would meet up IRL and drink beer! 

It's super fun.

If you like INTERNET, BEER, NICE PEOPLE + ADS AND THAT - you will especially like it. 

Back before social media became everything, we did this sort of thing all the time. 

I miss some aspects of that, the weird brotherhood that came from being willing to meet random people in random places because Internet.

Since we are in London for the summer we are throwing a London Summer Beersphere.

[And possibly one in Amstedam in 2 weeks - watch this space. Or the stream.] 

BeerSphere details:

Wednesday, August 6th.

The Eagle Pub, 250 Ladbroke Grove [about 5mins from Ladbroke Grove tube] 

From 7pm. 

There is an American style House of Wings pop up at The Eagle, so wings and your first pint are on us. 

Hit me up on Twitter @faris if you get lost or something.