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Persistent Platforms

Nikon Film Festival Fr

Thanks to a chap kindly giving me some feedback on some tweaks on new[ish] Genius Steals site, I was looking through some old projects looking for more material to fill out the case studies.

I googled an idea I developed for Nikon - the 140 Second Film Festival.

[I was the head of digital

which was annoyingly called EVP Chief Technology Strategist, because titles in USA went mental and because CDO was apparently going to upset some creative directors]  

The client briefed us in for yet another TV spot featuring Ashton Kutcher [the CEO LOVED Ashton], to launch a new camera the could record HD moving pictures. 

So I begged them to let us develop an online film festival instead - based on the far from ground breaking insight that people who might specifically want a camera that shot HD film might be intersted in shooting HD film. 

And because Ashton was the brand asset, and the CEO loved him, and he had just hit 1M followers on Twitter, and Twitter was really cool in 2009, I smashed all that together and came up with the 140 second film festival, with the original brief a Day Through Your Lens. 

[the magic of creativity! recombinance] 

So I went to the CEO and explained the idea to his inscrutable closed eyes

[Japanese clients, and I've had a few, often close their eyes when you are presenting because they are concentrating. It's very disconcerting, but it's considered rude to mention it.]

and he asked if it was 'Cool' and if 'Ashton liked it'.

So then we convinced Ashton to do it [which was a super weird call for various reasons] and he agreed if he could film something himself on his trip to Africa. He also agreed launch it with a Tweet on his stream, the biggest in the world at that moment, famously bigger than CNN, and from there I got them to tag the URL on the TV spots that were running anyway, and we made a website and Chase Jarvis was a judge and he was great and BAM. And Rainn Wilson was a judge, which at the time I thought was a bit weird, but in retrospect was awesome because SoulPancake and Kid President.

Anyway, it happened, and it was great.

We got so many high quality entries. For less than the cost of a single TV spot.

So, I was GUTTED when, after I left, they let the site die, all that CONTENT vanished.

And I'm currently in France, so when I Googled it - I discovered that the French Nikon team has run with it - and is still running with it FIVE years later, in partnership with Canal and Daily Motion and a bunch of other French brands I don't know. 

And it made me really happy. Because it's alive and because Genius Steals and because

We always wanted to create a resource and community of film makers that used Nikon products. A platform, if you will, that lived on, long beyond a campaign. 

And it made me think of this really smart piece I just read by Adrian Ho about platforms being the future of marketing