The Day Before Tomorrow

Hint Hunt


Part 1

We were in Dubai with a client - the lovely Dubizzle - and they had put one lots of cool things for us to do. We wanted to take a couple out to in some small way return the favor, so we were looking for something non-obvious to do.

Sometimes, the non-obvious things to residents are quite obvious to toursits. In the sense that Dubai has some, many in fact, world's biggest things. Very famous things. 

But the top rated attraction on TripAdvisor was something called Hint Hunt, which none of our clients had heard of. 

So we took them there.

Part 2

Earlier this year, I was giving a talk at Google about the INTERNET of THINGS [IOT] 

[or Thingernet as I like to call it. This is because I think Thingernet is funnier. Also because I thing what we call something changes how we think about it. 

It's not really an internet of things. It's a system for ubiquitous sensing and connectivity. Inside of which is people. The Internet of Behavior, perhaps.] 

The brief was How do We Design For The Internet of Things. 

Googel firestart

I'm not a designer, but I believe in stealing ideas, mapping them from different domains, remixing them, to find inspiration. 

One of the inspiration pieces I used was the experience design of a real life escape the room game from Croatia I had read about.

Designing experiences where you consider every single element in a space, and how human beings behave in them, seems like a relevant reference for designing for the THINGERNET. 

So does Monkey Island, the old computer game where you can click on anything to see what it does. 

Part 3

Hint Hunt was AWESOME. A super fun, inherently collaborative experience, challenge, puzzle, game experiece.

You need a few people to do it to make it fun. The first hint they give you is communicate everything. 

I really can't tell you anything about it, it would spoil the fun.

There is one in London, Paris and Dubai - and other branded escape the room type experiences cropping up all over the world. 

Grab some mates and go play.