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The Day Before Tomorrow

 The lovely Dave Birss, editor at large of THE DRUM and all round creative renaissance man, has made an excellent documentary series called The Day Before Tomorrow, about innovations happening as of right now in different categories. 

[He concepted, wrote, presented, co-animated and wrote the theme tune. Creative polymath. He's probably good at maths too. ]

It's great - released as a sequential batch in the way of modern things, each episode fitting nicely into a lunch hour.

[Please take a lunch hour. They won't thank you for not doing so. They just begin to expect it.

If you have to eat at your desk, watch this show. But, if you can, go out.] 

He very kindly invites Genius Steals to take part, so Rosie and I are in different episodes, saying things. 

The one above is the Smart Cities one, which features me saying a few things.