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Genius Steals Predicts

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The nice people at Campaign US reached out to see if we wanted to write something before the end of the year. 

Rosie and I thought we'd write a list of predictions for advertising - as one so often does / reads at the year end - but, y'know, make it funny.

Here's the first bit - the rest after the jump


"Prediction is very difficult …" said pioneering nuclear physicist Niels Bohr " … especially if it’s about advertising."

But that’s never stopped us before!

It’s the time of year when we come together to remember what’s truly important: friends; family; free booze and awkward couplings at the holiday party; agency Christmas card ideas; final P&Ls; missing bonuses [unless you work in media]; and, most importantly, endless articles vaguely predicting what will happen, or what we hope will, in this business we still proudly call advertising.

We’ve rubbed our crystal balls, tuned into the trend-hunters, examined the entrails, taken a look at the tea leaves, and made a hash of the hashtag to bring you the list of predictions to end all lists of predictions.


1. Metacontent Tipping Point: The total amount of content about content marketing will overtake all other forms of content.

2. Zombievertising: Previously named dead parts of the industry will continue to roam the land, looking for brains to consume. A Kickstarter project to make a Plants vs Zombievertising game will raise a staggering amount of money, exclusively from agency folk.


Marketing Mavericks

 is a show, like a television interview show, online. 

They call them them netcasts on TWIT.TV but that terminology doesn't really help. Because media assemblages have been decompiled, and we don't have the right words in place yet. Or maybe we do, but they are hampered with legacy channel based associations. 


I did a show with them last week, and you can watch it above. We talk about the inaccuracy of the term "sharing" economy, content and that, trust, Uber being naughty or nice, AirBNB, customer journeys and I try to make gags as much as possible.