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Drones Campaign

Campaign Asia asked me to write a few lines about drones and marketing.

I like robots. And drones. 

But it's not really about that. Well, the piece is, but the point isn't.

There's a reason marketers and agencies love the next big shiny thing. 

Novelty hacks the attention system - it captures attention and activates memory formation.

This is because our brains are "antipation machines".

Their job is to create a model of the world we can use to navigate it. 

When reality doesn't correspond to what is known, we pay attention.

Even babies do - novelty creates "preferential looking" which can be measured.

And because your model needs updating, it activates memory formation mechanisms.

That's why we love shiny new objects. Especially in advertising.

Attention grabbing and memorable. 

But they are only ever NEW, once. 

That's why we are reformulating the NEW category for the London International Awards - new paths have been carved, what was new has become established: content, technology, IP. 

Meantime, here is interview about drones.

Download MediaTalk Drones


I think the marketing of drones has been pretty good.

I got one. Put it on the wedding list.

I crashed it on the first day. 

Not as easy as it looks.

Which is why dronies won't really take off.

[So to speak.]