Ex Libris 2015
Gasparilla Interactive Festival

What Ideas Are and How To Have Better Ones


I'm doing a webinar for the lovely people at WARC - see above for details, click above to register.

It will pull from the Genius Steals philosophy and methodology.

Don't worry it's not some silly proprietary process thing - just a set of beliefs and some tools and that. 

And there will be jokes! And Dr Who! And me saying stuff. It will be the most fun you have at work that day, and will be useful. And it's FREE! 

What more could you ask for? Literally nothing. 


As marketing and advertising executives, we sell ideas.

But what exactly are they? 

Big ideas, smart ideas, game changing ideas, business building ideas, advertising ideas...

As an ideas business, it behooves us to have clarity about what we are offering. 

[Yes, behooves.]

In this webinar, I will provide a framework for understanding what ideas are and how they manifest in the mind.

Then we'll discuss a Genius Steals generative approach to ideas, and highlight cognitive and web tools for having better ones for yourself and your brands.

This special event will only be available to registrants.

If the date or time do not work for your schedule, a recording will be made available for a limited time to registrants only