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The History [and Future] Of Planning

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The lovely Merry Baskin sent me a copy of Admap from October 2014 [which is great] because it features a History of Planning piece she wrote, that kindly mentions me.

It suggests that my IPA Excellence Paper was "a landmark in communication planning", which is high praise indeed, especially coming from Merry. [THANKS!] 

Coincidentally, it is being republished, as part of a new collection of winning papers from the last decade of the IPA Excellence Diploma as a book called What is a 21st Century Brand? New Thinking from the Next Generation of Agency Leaders. [UK edition here]

It's coming out the same day as my book [April 3rd in the UK, April 28th in USA.] I can only hope that it will one day warrant a mention in the next edition. 

Who knew books were just like buses. You wait ages for yours to come, and then two arrive at once.