Ideas Are Connections Between Bits of Knowlege
Bonnie & Clyde

Listen to Radiolab


Last night I gave a talk at Google for the APG and, for reasons I can't quite remember, I asked the audience of planners if they listened to Radiolab - and only 2 people raised their hands.

SO - here is a PSA for the UK and especially for planners, because Radiolab is planner crack:

Listen to Radiolab!

To help, here our are few of our favorites

Nazi Summer Camp

In which we learn that Nazi prisoners of war worked at farms in Idaho, set up orchestras, and generally had very nice time. 

60 Words

On the 60 words in USA law that are the ongoing legal justification from drone murders anywhere they feel like it. 

Straight Outta Chevy Chase

A story about a white guy who is the unlikely hip hop expert
On how the right words can have the wrong meaning. 
The history of the phrase, which, especially as a communicator, you'll find interesting.
Searching for happiness, perfection, and ideals. Too many interesting ones in this one.
On just how profoundly unstable memory is.
And I now remember the one I was talking about last night which, it turns out, wasn't Radiolab at all, but This American Life.
[Told you memory was unstable] 
[which has since been retracted because the science paper that inspired it has been challenged as completely false - the interesting story here, the point I was making being that no one ever really changes their mind.]