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Bonnie & Clyde

Back in May we spoke at the HOW DESIGN LIVE conference in Chicago

[which was excellent, btw, you can check out some highlights here and some quotes here

and some lovely people from Webydo asked to interview us. 

We said yes, and the video is above - they call us "The Bonnie & Clyde of the Creative World" which is nice of them. 

They also pulled out seven themes from the interview, talk and the book. 

1. The Myth of Originality

2. Ideas are Networks

3. Copying is Lame

4. How to Come Up With New Ideas

5. In A World of Infinite Content - Focus on Behavior.

6. Visit Disney World ASAP!

7. Design Personalized Experiences Around Behavior

You can read about them in detail on the lovely Webydo

And in my book, natch