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No Exit Strategy

No exit strategy

We recently published our Genius Steals annual report open letter to everyone over on Medium, because that's the place where you do those things.

It covers a lot of things we've thought about this year.

About how having an exit strategy as an entrepreneur means building a company you don't want to work at. It's mortgaging your present for a possible future. 

How we are conditioned to do this, to be in desperate need of a future to tolerate a present we don't like. 

 About how business is structurally tipped against the little guys, especially in the USA. About how lawyers and legal negotiations and onerous healthcare costs are a tax on entrepreneurship.

About the narrative fallacy, and not taking advice and being grateful not arrogant. About happiness and making your life your life's work. You should go and read it if you are interested in those things.

And we launched a new site about our nomad life, with some writing and other content about that sort of thing and a public calendar so you can see where we might be, should you be interested, or want to book us for a talk or workshop and want to mitigate some of the travel costs. 

See you somewhere out there.