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Ex Libris 2016 Summer Reading

Beyond Boring Briefs - Deck

The webinar was a hit! We had more than 1500 sign up and the software hit maximum capacity. We've had a lot of requests for the deck.
[Reminder - this deck is a part of our workshop on better briefing called Briefs Against Humanity - you should get in touch if you want us to come help you making briefings less boring to inspire more awesome work]
We normally don't publish our decks. As consultants our IP is part of our product offering, part of how we make a living. But since demand was so high we thought we'd try an experiment. 

A teaser is available above via Slideshare.
For the full deck go to the new Genius Steals website and you can download it with a pay what you wish widget. [The platform charges us per download, hence the 50c minimum.]
All the money received will be used to buy drinks for young[ish] people in the industry - we'll share when and where once we have some funds and set up times for THE RETURN OF BEERSPHERE.
You will also be subscribed to Strands Of Genius but don't worry you can unsubscribe at any time if you don't like it - but people really do! 

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