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How We Work Now

How we work now julia

My mate Julia Roy has a new podcast series called How We Work Now in which we she interviews people about working in new ways and now they get things done. 

The first series is interviewing writers and she kindly asked me to do one about Paid Attention and how we work while living on the road.

You can download it from iTunes or listen to it below. 

She also wrote some fantastic show notes over on Work Hacks, that pulls out the key ideas we discussed and links to the various books and articles we spoke about, which included how we work and write whilst traveling and managing our own attention.

At the end I play some of a track by a drum n bass artist that samples a talk by Alan Watts, something that hits pretty squarely inside my own personal Venn. 

I love words. I love playing with them. I love pulling them apart. I love using ones that are so obnoxiously obscure and large that you have to look them up. I love that. – Faris Yakob