Genius Steals x Eclectic Method

Other Places

Hello there! 

I don't blog anymore but the archive of about a decade's posts will remain here for the foreseeable future and you can search it with that Google custom search box on the right. 

However I still do a lot of writing and thinking and connecting to nice people, all the good things I loved about blogging. 

I have a monthly column on effective brand communication available over on WARC [World Advertising Research Council] - don't worry it is available without being a subscriber. 

I write longer pieces on that and other topics on Medium. 

My partner and I have a newsletter called Strands of Genius, brief bursts of inspiration in your inbox, twice a week, that has many attractive and smart subscribers, a very high open rate, and people seem to really like it. 

I'm all over the world with my partner Rosie speaking at conferences and events - the newsletter will let you know when we might be in a city near you.

We are the co-founders of Genius Steals, a nomadic creative consultancy that has kept us on the road for seven years, giving talks, workshops and training for brands and agencies, and doing consulting projects for same. 

And I'm usually on Twitter @ faris.

See you somewhere out there and take care of yourself in the meantime.