Inamo: Digital Dining


While I was in London I had a digital dinner at a new restaurant in Soho called Inamo.

OK - so my dinner wasn't really digital, it was Asian fusion and it was tasty [the chef is a Nobu / Hakkasan alumnus] - but the experience was.

Instead of menus, projectors above you turn your tabletop into a screen. A touchpad allows you to browse through the menu and order directly from your table, eliminating the need to catch a waiter's attention.

The system also lets you change the imagery on your table, see what your food will look like, order a cab and play battleships.

It was a lot of fun and the food does indeed come very quickly [In-a-mo].

Definitely worth checking out for a taste of the future - I'm convinced we will see more and more interactive installations used in retail environments - especially if you are taking a geek out for dinner.